Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inviya: The Evergreen Fibre

Inviya: The Evergreen Fibre

Inviya is a leading spandex manufacturer based in India. It’s a part of “Indorama Industries Limited”. Inviya is the first brand that manufactures spandex in India. Leading garment manufacturers and fashion designers go for Inviya and recommend others to go for Inviya too. In a span of few years, Inviya has become a well known name in the spandex industry. Since it’s the first brand that manufactures spandex in India it’s highly popular. Spandex is a type of filament yarn, it has become a trusted name in India among the garment manufacturer. You can rely on Inviya for manufacturing spandex based outfits. Go through the website of Inviya to know more about Inviya.

Inviya is used in manufacturing sportswear, intimate wear, yoga wears and active wear. Inviya is the main constituent of all kinds of active wear. What makes Inviya so popular for making active wears is its ability to stretch to a great extent. It has a high tensile strength and is highly durable which makes it ideal for active wears. For gym goers, Inviya based outfits are suitable as they help them to stretch and move freely. They are made of filament yarn which makes them more durable. When it comes to kids, Inviya based kids wear are very popular. Kids want something that is skin friendly and fancy at the same time. So, parents prefer buying Inviya based wear for their tiny tots. Since Inviya is skin-friendly it is perfect for small kids.

For college goers, Inviya based garments are ideal. Such garments are resistant to wear and tear which makes them popular amongst youngsters. Denim based outfits that contain spandex are quite popular among the college goers. Denim dresses, shirts, jeans, shorts and jackets are widely used by youngsters. They are not only durable and resistant to wear and tear but they also look stylish and can be worn round the year. Whether you are going for a date or for a casual outing with friend, you can wear any dress with a denim jacket. Denim jackets are also available in different shape and sizes. In summers, you can go for a sleeveless denim jacket and in winters, you can wear a full sleeves denim jacket to protect yourself from the cold weather. Another denim outfit that is popular among people of all ages is dungaree. Dungarees can be worn by kids as well as men round the year which makes it a viable dressing option.

Spandex is stretchable in nature. It can expand to a large extent and that is why it’s used in making sports wear, yoga wear, active wear, dance wear, etc. Sportswear has to be durable, stretchable and offer freedom of movement. Sportsmen need outfits which allow their skin to breathe and prevent sweating. Spandex based outfits contain air covered yarn and can be worn round the year in all kind of weathers which makes it more versatile. In summers, your skin is likely to sweat and get irritated but if you wear a spandex based outfit, your skin will remain cool won’t sweat a lot. In rainy seasons, you can wear a spandex based outfit like a denim capri to keep cool and to get the freedom of movement.

Whether it’s a sportsman or a yoga lover, everyone looks for an outfit that can provide them the much needed freedom of movement. A spandex based garment comes to their rescue by providing them the much needed flexibility and freedom of movement.  Sportsmen are involved in rigorous physical activity so they need a stretchable and strong outfit. For this reason, they prefer spandex based outfits. Olympians also wear spandex based costumes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Wardrobe Essentails

It’s summer time! It’s time to venture out and have some fun with your friends. Go out for lunch and sip some summer cool drinks. You can go for a short trip to a hill station to beat the heat. If you want to pamper yourself go for a spa session or get your pedicure done.  The best part about summer is that you get to wear your summer outfits. For all beach lovers, it’s the time to slip into your bikini and have some fun in the sun.  

What are the hot colours to wear in this season?  Where can one get ideas about the latest trends?
It’s time to redefine your style. It would be a good idea to experiment with different colours and have fun with fashion. From years, monochromatic colours have been in vogue but it’s time to add a splash of colour to your summers.

Metallic shades like gold, silver and bronze are the hottest colours of this season. Yellow, orange and green are also in trend. If you are hesitant to wear such bright shades, you can opt for shoes, scarves, stoles, accessories and handbags.

Take a look on fashion blogs to know what’s hot and what’s not. You can also go through magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle or Vogue to know the latest happenings in the world of fashion. If you keep a tab on the fashion shows that are held round the world, you are likely to get an idea about the latest fashion trends.

Try wearing different types of patterns and textures.

If your pair up a bold golden top with a black skirt or pant you can tone down your outfit. An orange dress with a black handbag or vice versa, a LBD with a bronze neckpiece can raise your glam quotient.  Textiles companies in india are manufacturing clothes as per the latest fashion trends.  From skirts to dresses, all kinds of outfits are being designed keeping summer in mind.

Skirts – Skirts are the hottest trend this season. Even Bollywood celebrities are being spotted in skirts this summer. Whether it’s short or long, skirts of all types are ideal for summer wear. If you are going for an official outing, you can go for a pencil skirt or a high waist skirt to have an aura of elegance. Planning to go for a lunch date? Team up a denim skirt with an orange top to look ravishing hot. Skirts are comfortable and they make you feel free and comfortable. Skirts look good on women of all size and shapes.

Shorts – If you want to flaunt your legs in style then wear shorts. You can pair them up with just anything.  Team up a denim shorts with a polo t-shirt to get in a summery mood. Spandex yarn manufacturers manufacture shorts that are summer-friendly and help you to stay cool in the scorching heat.

Summer Dresses – Summer is the time when you can wear a short as well as long dress. Dresses with floral pattern are perfect for this weather. If you are going for a picnic, then wear a light summer dress with a strappy sandal to brighten up your look.

Palazzos - Palazzos are airy and comfortable. They are easy to wear and make you look stylish. Textiles companies in india have started manufacturing palazzos owing their growing demand.

Trousers – Trousers can be worn in both casual and formal settings.  They look good on women of all shapes and sizes. Harem pants paired up with a high heeled sandal will accentuate your style.
Re-define your style this summer and set the sun on fire with your killer looks.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Filament Yarn Manufacturers: A Pillar of Strength for the Textile Industry

The textile industry of the world has always been on its toes to meet the ever growing demand of comfortable fabric. This is partly because the production of natural fibre, cotton has not increased much over the last 50 years. However, on the other hand, the population of the world has more than doubled over the same period of time. Therefore, the onus of fulfilling the demand of textile companies lies on textile raw material companies and more specifically on man-made fibre manufacturers. In the endeavor, filament yarn manufactures have shown the skill and will rise to the occasion.

The World of Fashion
Filament yarn manufacturers: A pillar of strength for the textile industry

Ever since the Industrial Revolution of the west, textile manufacturers have been looking for more and more raw material. The main raw material for this industry has always been cotton and therefore its production has multiplied manifolds all over the world. However, even this huge impetus in cotton production has not been able to keep pace with the growing demands of the textile industry. In such a scenario, the man-made fibre came to the rescue of fabric manufacturers and since then the research on these fibres has never looked back. Manufacturers of filament yarn and polyester have been consistently supplying the textile industry with raw material that is more durable and finer than cotton.

Keeping the prices under check

But for the advent of the man-made fiber and the subsequent proliferation of the synthetic fibre industry, it would have become very difficult for the masses to afford decent cloths. The textile raw material companies understood the growing demand of flexible fibre and met this challenge through their research and continuous focus on production. That is the reason there is no dearth of fabric that is fashionable, healthy and above all environment friendly. Filament yarn is one such highly versatile fibre that can be collected from a large number of spinning positions to form tow, which can later be cut into staple. This fiber can also be used as continuous filament yarn. It can be wound onto metal cylinders, paper tubes, or bobbins and can later be used as per requirements. It is the steady supply of such versatile fibers that has kept the price of dress material under check.

Strengthening the economies:
Inviya, the textile raw material company has played an instrumental role in strengthening several economies around the world. Over the last decade, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have emerged has major exporters of polyester fibre. The fibre manufacturing companies of these countries have been exporting majorly to countries like the U.S., China, the UK, Germany, France etc. Due to this, they are bringing the coveted foreign revenue to their countries and hence strengthening their respective economies. Even the developed countries learnt from this practice and encouraged their man-made fibre industry to produce more and more filament yarn. Due to this focus on filament yarn manufacturing, the US exported around 700 thousand tons of polyester per annum during 2002 - 2006.

With their focus on the ever growing textile market, Inviya, the filament yarn manufacturer has not only met the textile raw material demand, but has also added value to the economies.

Image Source - WikiPedia