Monday, October 30, 2017

Spandex Suits Are a Must This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and millennials have begun their search for the perfect blend of spandex and spooky! The tight-fitting, stretchy full-body suits made from spandex fabric, have now become integral to not just Halloween celebrations but to any cosplaying/costume-playing event. If you admire costumes from a distance and have doubts about donning a spandex suit yourself, here are a few pointers you might wanna take a look at -

Getting in and out of full-body spandex suits

Full body Spandex suits come armed with a zip that makes it easily wearable. All you have to do is step into it, pull it up and zip from bottom up. For more ease, you could opt for a two-way zipper too.

Wearing something underneath

Some spandex suits can get a little transparent when stretched too much. Even if that’s not that case, you can wear shorts, bike pants or yoga tights inside. But make sure that the colour of your innerwear gets camouflaged beneath your suit!

Breathing through your mask

If you are opting for a full-body suit with a mask, or, for that matter, even if you go with a spandex mask over your regular clothes--worry not! The stretch quality of the spandex fabric allows you to easily breathe through the mask once you break into it.

Washing Spandex costumes

Though spandex is highly resistant to sweat, detergents or the likes of it, hand wash is still recommended when it comes to fancy costumes.

Be it a full-body suit imitating your favourite hero or just a mask, spandex costumes are not much of a hassle to don. So drop your doubts, choose your favourite character and trick-or-treat in spandex style!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rainy Day Skirts For This Monsoon

Since monsoon is just a hop, skip and a jump away, it’s time for all to be ready to welcome it with open arms. That brings us to our next point, which clothes are the best to be for this monsoon mood around, after all, you don’t want to get soaked in the event of one poor decision. What better than skirts to look stylish in and still enjoy the monsoon around with safety and grace? Here are some super stylish skirt options that will get you rainy day ready…

Tulip: this is an interesting one, shaped like an upside down bulb, a tulip skirt is just right for rainy days. It’s layered in such a way that if extra room is needed for the monsoon fun, it would open up just like a flower, providing the comfort to hop around. If the material of the skirt is a blend of bare spandex and hard yarns, it will give you just the right stretch and structure to look fabulous and be sporty whenever it’s required

Tube: Who said that tube skirts don’t facilitate free movement for jumping in puddles; that they are snug body-hugging movement inhibitors….?  When bare elastane is a component of its material, they prove to be the perfect skirts that enable you to enjoy this rainy season to utmost and give you a chic appeal. Wear one and try it. 

Circle: this is a mighty cute one that will not only make your movements easy but also give you ample freedom for jumping and hopping. It’s neither snug nor loose. It’s just free flowing. It will move with your body. Just try to get one in a heavier fabric so that in case of a surprise gust of wind, you don’t have yourself an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment. Since this is a free flowing skirt, the presence of bare spandex in its make won’t make much of a difference, but it always helps to have a stretch in your garments, just in case you lose or put on a few kilos here and there.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Special Active Wear For Monsoon

Freestyle runners are either too pumped or sit with dampened spirits when monsoon arrives. They are either too excited about running, open to the possibility of a refreshing surprise rain shower in the middle of their work out, or dread getting drenched in a rain pour heavier than their own sweat pour that can lead to illness. While the former kind will go about their regime as is, the latter could use some motivation. We’ll provide it by telling you you can significantly reduce the chances of falling ill after a run in the rain through this one trick.
Instead of running in the rain wearing your regular cotton running wear, put on some poly spandex yarn made active wear and head out fearlessly. Why, though?
What happens when you work out in cotton gym wear is that the material absorbs your sweat. The your body heat and the heat in the air helps evaporate that sweat, normally, but during cool and humid monsoons the sweat stays on your body and can make you fall sick. That’s where poly spandex yarn made active wear helps.
Polyester is known to repel water. So when you get active wear made from moisture wicking poly spandex yarn made fabric, you ensure that sweat is expelled from your body on to the surface of the fabric instead of staying on your skin. Naturally, the chances of catching a cold due to prolonged damp skin are reduced.
Did that lift your spirits? Run away to glory, enjoy monsoon the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Get A Leg Up With These Legging Trend Tips For 2017

If you haven’t yet caught up with the athliesure trend, you probably still believe that leggings belong in the gym. If that is the case, what you don’t realise is that you’re missing out on a trend that is probably bigger than the entire continent of Africa and more stylish than style itself. No we’re not pulling your leg, there is so much you can do with leggings other than wearing them to the gym or to the next door shop to get snacks after a nap. Let’s get to the point, you’re going to wear leggings this year, so follow these trends to get the trend right.

 Shine reflect sparkle: oh yeah, let the &hosiery yarn making up your leggings and the finishing processes they go through render them so glittery and reflective that even the loudest of disco balls feel like they’ve been put to shame. It’s the year of disco, let your legs be the canvas for sparkly and holographic or both styles together.

Leather-it: leggings that look like leather but are probably just an amazing creation of high quality hosiery yarn and leather finish processes can be a good choice for those that find both leather and leggings super sexy. A black pair with a long and loose white shirt could add some oomph to this already sultry summer, try it out.

Trend-mill Runners: running tights definitely make it look like you walked straight out of gym, but sure, why not? They hug your body in the right places, if made with high quality hosiery yarn, and keep you supported and stylish, all the way. Hey, who doesn’t like a fitness freak, especially if you look like one?

Run as fast as your legs can carry you and bag these leggings today!

Friday, April 28, 2017

No-stretch Denim Making You Uncomfortable?

No-stretch Denim Making You Uncomfortable?

We all love jeans! Just Love it. In its different avatars, baggy, skinny, slim-fit or plain regular… it’s the one garment you can count on the day you feel too lazy to dress up , or the day you don’t have the time to think about what to wear, or when you simply want to, well, wear jeans, your jeans is your trusty steed. But if we asked you this one question, which jeans would you pick between no-stretch and stretch, would you pause to think?

Maybe, but for the most fashion experts it’s a no-brainer. It’s an easy pick; you’ll go for the one with stretch. Doesn’t the one without, make you feel restricted?

Stretchable jean stretch all the way, thanks to the presence of elastane fibre in its make.
What happens with jeans in a rigid, no-stretch construction is that the denim fabric is so rigidly woven, it doesn’t allow room for free movement and tends to border on the uncomfortable side, especially if there is no stretch element in it. If there is elastane fibre in the denim fabric, it makes the snuggest of denims flexible, allowing freedom of movement. Wear it all day long if it comes with stretch and you would probably be so comfortable in it that you could even go to sleep in them.

It gets better if the denim fabric your jean is made of has Inviya® stretch fibre in its yarn construction. This brand of elastane fibre is known to be robust, super stretchable and absolutely skin friendly. Most high end brands in India use Inviya stretch fibre in denim fabric construction.

So the next time you pick a pair of jeans, don’t think twice before choosing between stretch and no stretch… stretch is the way to go, your legs will thank you for it!