Thursday, June 22, 2017

Special Active Wear For Monsoon

Freestyle runners are either too pumped or sit with dampened spirits when monsoon arrives. They are either too excited about running, open to the possibility of a refreshing surprise rain shower in the middle of their work out, or dread getting drenched in a rain pour heavier than their own sweat pour that can lead to illness. While the former kind will go about their regime as is, the latter could use some motivation. We’ll provide it by telling you you can significantly reduce the chances of falling ill after a run in the rain through this one trick.
Instead of running in the rain wearing your regular cotton running wear, put on some poly spandex yarn made active wear and head out fearlessly. Why, though?
What happens when you work out in cotton gym wear is that the material absorbs your sweat. The your body heat and the heat in the air helps evaporate that sweat, normally, but during cool and humid monsoons the sweat stays on your body and can make you fall sick. That’s where poly spandex yarn made active wear helps.
Polyester is known to repel water. So when you get active wear made from moisture wicking poly spandex yarn made fabric, you ensure that sweat is expelled from your body on to the surface of the fabric instead of staying on your skin. Naturally, the chances of catching a cold due to prolonged damp skin are reduced.
Did that lift your spirits? Run away to glory, enjoy monsoon the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!
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