Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For the Love of T-shirts

If there is one best friend who we always fail to acknowledge, it has to be the good old t-shirt which has always been a loyal companion since our pre-teens. Back in the day we would bounce upon any opportunity to wear the t-shirt whenever the sports week arrived at school. Gradually as we reached college, it became a staple wear which we would slip on whatever the ocassion might be. Thanks to innovations in the  textile manufacturing industry, t-shirts now combine the stretchable property of spandex and air covered yarn with cotton in order to provide people with ultimate comfort. Inviya spandex yarn is a popular name among t-shirt manufacturers who have been relying much on this legendary freedom fibre to provide clothes with superior stretch.
Here are two popular tees which everyone of us have in our wardrobes.

1. The Quirky Tee
With a lot of catchy headlines and saying from movies, this is the t-shirt for anyone who strongly believes in the ‘power of silence’! Simply say nothing and let your clothes do the talking. However there are many low quality duplications which are available in the market. To stay away from such pieces make sure that you check for the presence of nviya spandex yarn in the contents tag.

2. The ‘Support A Cause’ Tshirt
Let your t-shirt scream out your ideology by wearing ‘Cause Tshirts’ which allow you to be vocal about the things you actually feel for. Go out for a campaign or take part in a protest by wearing it to spread awareness. However for long lasting utility, make sure that you check for the presence of air covered yarn developed by Inviya Spandex Yarn in it!

So incase you have not been wearing the tshirt for long, its time to pull them out of your wardrobes and pair them up with your favourite jeans!  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Switch to Active Wear for Ultimate Freedom of Movement

Comfort is one of the most important elements in clothing physiology. You may buy the most stylish garments from the most expensive retail outlets but if you don't feel comfortable wearing them it is sure that you will ditch them sooner or later. Perhaps this is one reason why comfort clothes like hoodies and sweat pants have forayed out of gyms and fitness houses and have become a staple wear which we don with elan during weekend outings. If recent survey are to be believed, active wear garments like Tees and cargoes have become more popular than most other garments in the last couple of years. So much so, that people now-a-days have no hesitations in wearing them for work too.

If you think you are lagging behind in terms of active wear, here are some essentials you should stock up your wardrobe with this season!

1. T-Shirts and a lot of them

The good old T-shirt is hard to beat. The quintessential jeans and t-shirt look is probably as young as ever and no competition stands a chance in front of it! If you want a quick synchronization of comfort and style, stock up on t-shirts. Buy them in solid colors, in graphic prints, in stripes, in any way they come in! Garment manufacturing units are gradually taking t-shirts seriously and are spending a lot of time researching on how to make this classic garment more robust and productive. This is one reason why there has been an increase in the demand for filament yarn in India. Inviya fashion fibre is one of a kind spandex yarn which textile manufacturers Indorama has developed to make garments more adaptabile to the needs of users. Next time you head out to buy t-shirts, make sure you look out for the presence of Inviya fashion fibre and leverage the flawless comfort of active wear!

2.   Hoodies

If you thought that hoodies were restricted only to the precincts of your gym, you were getting it wrong the entire time. Conventional fashion has taken a back seat and experimental fashion is reigning like never before, which explains why hoodies and sweatshirts have become a staple wear. High quality filament yarn in India is used for the production of Inviya fashion fibre which is used to make hoodies more versatile in performance. The presence of inviya fashion fibre retains the stretch property of clothes thereby keeping them young despite repeated usage. It also prevents clothes from shrinking while washing them.

3.  Sweat Pants

Tired of wearing jeans and trousers for weekend outings? Try wearing a pair of sweat pants and hang out at your comfortable best. Sweat pants lets you breathe like never before and also helps to contour your curves.