Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Did You Know This About Spandex?

Here are some facts about spandex that will blow your mind

Spandex is a more popular name for elastane fibre

Spandex is capable of stretching up to 500% its size and recovering, without snapping

Elastane fibre was discovered by polymer chemist Farbenfabriken Bayer in the 1950’s as a cheaper alternative to rubber during the world war. Rubber was expensive and would weather easy. Since it was being used extensively for the construction of equipment, finding a cheaper alternative that would be stable in atmospheric shifts, was necessary. That is also why

Spandex does not weather in the presence of oil, sweat or mild detergents. Yes, it can be molded through heat setting at very high temperatures of 240 degree C

Spandex fabrics are more eco-friendly than natural fabrics because they are easy to recycle and use up less natural resources in their production or recycling process

While spandex blends may have either a 2 way stretch or a 4 way stretch depending up on their construction, spandex itself alone has a 4 way stretch which means that it can stretch in both horizontal and vertical directions at once

In the past people have complained of being allergic to spandex wear. That spandex causes allergy is a myth. Spandex does not trigger allergies but at the point of yarn twisting or fabric construction, if the elastane fibre is treated with substandard chemicals, those chemicals may trigger an allergic reaction.

Saving the best for last:

Spandex is actually an anagram of the word expands