Friday, January 30, 2015

Essential Dresses to Carry while Traveling - YouTube

Traveling is fun no doubt about it. But unless you carry right dresses, you may not enjoy your trip much. So let's find out what to carry while traveling alone with the group.

Essential Dresses to Carry while Traveling

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why Core Spun Yarn Scores Over Others?

Core spun yarn is endowed with the properties of spandex. Spandex contains a fibre called elastene which enhances the elasticity of clothes. This lends undeniable comfort to all kinds of clothes.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Fine Blending of Style and Comfort

On a laid back Friday night you finally decide to clear clutter and arrange your disarrayed closet which you have been planning to do for weeks. With the patient expertise of a retail sales girl, you fold clothes at top speed. After an hour or two you are done and stare at your closet with a Narcissistic satisfaction, silently congratulating yourself at your feat. Come Saturday, and you decide to meet that old high school crush who is in town for some work. Confusions about the obvious thing starts darting through you head. What are you going to wear? After much ado you decide on wearing that quintessential black dress which you have treasured since college.

You remember the oodles of compliments which came pouring in when you wore it on your college farewell. That black dress has always been a force to reckon with. Finally you take it out of your closet. A few inches down your neck and lo, it refuses to go any further! Time takes its toll on your life as well as your body. The good old black dress does not fit and you feel betrayed. You are left with no option other than ransacking your closet yet again, and thus last night’s hard-work goes down the drain.Apart from the calories you have gained and the cellulite which always plays devil, you have another thing you can blame upon – the no-stretch factor of that black dress. Stretch is a simple word, but when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe it isn’t as simple as it seems.

Stretch is a vital element in clothing physiology. No wonder fashion police all over the world have been going ga-ga over fabrics made from core spun yarn which has the ease to stretch and bend. Fashion has always been about being comfortable in your own skin. Style, fashion, and comfort are but synonyms to the ultimate trendsetter. Core spun yarn, which has long been associated only with sportswear, is slowly making its foray into the glam circles. Designed for unbelievable stretch and priceless comfort, this yarn is made by twisting fibre over spandex. The elastene in spandex is widely acclaimed for its elastic properties. Thus figure hugging comfort is now at your easy disposal.

Ever wondered what is the most liberating thing about style? Which element in fashion makes you feel independent, and you feel like flinging off your inhibitions? Comfort is the answer here. How trite and banal would be a piece of cloth which gives no space for comfort. For long we have stereotyped comfort clothing only with sports-wear. Inviya, the new age fashion fibre is finally here to break the stereotypes. Its Fibre I-300 is designed to give fashion and comfort a heady mix. Forget sportswear, we now have a diverse range of fashion apparels which are manufactured from core spun yarn, high on the the properties of spandex. Casual wear, active wear, fashion wear or intimate wear, Inviya is a fibre which is blazing off a new fab-o-lution.

Infact, spandex is an anagram for ‘expands’ – just what it is all about. It can perfectly blend well with other textile raw materials like cotton and polyester. Thus it lends it properties but retains the look and feel of the original fabrics. It also has the capacity to stretch up to five times its original size. What else could have impressed the eccentric and the ever capricious glam world other than the most essential element called comfort. Air covered yarn is also becoming increasingly popular because of the stretch factor which they can lend to knitwear. The ease to stretch is thus a basic necessity in all types of fashion apparels.

New age fashion acknowledges women of all shapes and sizes. It is styled to make every woman look beautiful. Fashion is no longer limited to those with chiselled bodies. It is for every woman who wishes to look good and score high on the fashion meter. The stretch factor of Inviya instantaneously accentuates your curves, snugly fits into your body, and gives you the desired look which you can carry off with gusto.

Simple things can sometimes save your day. A safety pin on a windy day can correct your broken umbrella, and a pouch of petroleum jelly inside your clutch can save you from the dry cold winters.Similarly a simple element called stretch and a simple fibre called spandex can work wonders to your clothes. Next time you set out on a shopping spree, make sure you check out on the spandex quantity of the clothes you are buying. It is high time you make it a staple element in your wardrobe.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Express Yourself With Inviya Freedom Fibre