Monday, December 28, 2015

What is so special about the new freedom fibre

What is so special about the new freedom fibre

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tips to Choose Leggings for Plus Size Girls

Stretchable leggings are something every girl loves to experiment with. Today a pair of leggings made by Inviya spandex fibre has become a staple in each girl’s closet. Moreover all the major Textiles companies in India are investing in this amazing clothing. But there are times when girls who are bit plump or have extra fat or bulges on their body avoid experimenting with this creative piece of clothing. So if you too fall under this category then don’t worry as we are giving few tips by which you can beautifully carry this wonderful creation with no qualms.

• Girls with bulges should wear leggings designed with finest Inviya spandex fibre in darker shades like black, brown, navy blue etc. Bold and dark colours will help you to look slimmer.

• If you are wearing leggings with a long kurti or dress then only go for light or bright colours. Else avoid carrying light and bright colours as they won’t look decent on short tops, dresses or kurtis.

• Leggings are too thin or skinny, so choose the fabric that is little bit thick. The thick material is a good solution to hide those extra cellulites on your body. Note that most of the renowned Textiles companies in India make leggings with good material.

• Brand should always be a matter of concern while shopping. Buy your favourite pair of leggings made of Inviya spandex fibre only from a good brand. Go for a better brand so that the material lasts long.

• It’s important to choose a perfect size in leggings to avoid hassles. Smaller sizes will stretch more on bigger bodies and, as a result, will look weird and indecent. So carry a proper size to not make any blunder.

So girls, if you opt for leggings specifically designed and made by the renowned Textiles companies in India, then chances to go wrong are really minimal. Also follow these tips before buying your Inviya spandex fibre leggings to make your own style statement.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 reasons why core spun yarn in India is in demand

Fabric and textile manufacturers are constantly looking for yarn options that give more returns in less investment. Regarding these, core spun yarn in India has become increasingly popular.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 reasons why stretch fibre in India is popular

When you look in the clothing market these days, you can easily make out how stretch fibre in India is employed almost in all kinds of clothing, from the western wear to even ethnic kurtis. Ever wondered why stretch fibre is so popular?

Friday, December 4, 2015

5 reasons why spandex is here to stay

No matter what the trend, it is comfort that stays in the top priority list in the minds of not just consumers, but the manufacturers. Spandex is a fibre, composite of stretchable polymer and natural fibres, making it the ideal choice for making the strongest, durable and stylish fabric.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tips to make your wardrobe winter-ready

The season we have been waiting for all throughout the year is finally here. Winter is almost here and we are all gearing up our wardrobes to make this winter as stylish as ever. One thing we need to remember this winter is that a fulfilling wardrobe is one which oozes not just style but also comfort. To look after your winter wardrobe, there are many textiles company in India, ensuring that the cardigan and the denim you will go out wearing on New Year’s Eve is both stylish and comfortable. Thanks to Inviya Spandex Fibre, knitwear and woolen garments allow your body to breathe by providing absolute stretch. On that note, let us give you a list of the winter essentials without which your closet will be extremely dull and boring.

1.    Wrap Scarf

A wrap scarf can add a unique twist to any look you are pulling off. Moreover these scarves are also high on the coziness factor and can beautifully warm up the cold winter days.

2.    Fringed sweaters

No winter is ever stylish without a good collection of sweaters in different colours. The latest innovation of textiles company in India are fringed sweaters. Not only are elegant and classy, but also extremely comfortable. The addition of Inviya spandex fibre with other textile fibres makes them extremely stretchy, thus accentuating your features without cutting down on your comfort.
3.    Boots

A wardrobe can never be complete without good shoes. This winter, make sure you blow up the bucks on some pretty boots, preferably those in ankle length.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Do you Know? Why leggings are best for exercise

For an ideal fitness program, women need to wear the perfect outfit that can support them while they do exercise. And leggings made by the premium core spun yarn in India are the best for this purpose.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Why leggings are best for exercise

While running and jogging, you stretch and move your body in full swing. Leggings will support your body while running and even will give you a boost to perform better.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Benefit of Buying & Wearing Stretchable Denims

Stretchable denims made by the finest stretch fibre in India provide an excellent fit. These denims are good for those who want to look lean and slim.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Appropriate Outfit for Your Dance Moves

Outfits for Dance

If you are a dancer or a choreographer, your style and moves need a great deal of comfort to perform the best. Dancing demands thorough exercising, bending and most importantly stretching your body to large extents. Your rehearsals and performances require several aspect to be considered and one of the major ones is the costume you choose. It is highly significant to go for a costume with fabric that is ideal for you to stretch largely while you are posing and bringing high level of friction.

Indian spandex manufacturer, Inviya is one such company that manufactures textile raw material in India for stretch fiber needs. A fabric made of spandex can stretch up to 6 times its original size and has great endurance. At the same time costumes made of spandex are quite comfortable and easy to carry and this is the reason they are preferred for dancing and work outs.  Different dance forms demand different types of outfits or costumes. Let us throw light on some of them:

Belly Dancing

This is one of the most popular types of dancing genres and is loved all around the globe. At the same time this is also one of the most difficult dance forms. The ideal outfit is designed in a way that it flaunts the belly. So, this includes a long skirt with flowy waves running down and a tight blouse. Fabric made of stretch is widely used to create costumes so that it does not hinder your moves in any way.


The cheer leading squad is often great on demand when it comes to tournaments and matches. Whether it is college or a national sport performance, fashionable and extremely bold outfits of cheerleaders are in great limelight. Cheerleading is a blend of dance and aerobics. This is the reason the costumes worn by the cheerleaders demand high amount of stretch in them. Right from that mini skirt to that stylish body fit tee, they need a stretch fibre to manufacture one.


With highly formulated steps and moves, ballet is an artistic form of dance and the oldest one too. Boasting the class and elegance while taking long steps, ballet dancers are simply beautiful. The tutu dress with stretchable leggings beneath them makes it convenient and comfortable to perform on stage while portraying their story in the best way.

Dancing is all about extending your existing limits and the stretch lets you do it all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Find Out the benefits of wearing shapewears

A good shapewear supports you in attaining inches off your thighs, buttocks, tummy and backside. It can make you look many pounds lighter.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Choose the right maternity wear is important for a comfortable pregnancy

Scanty guidance on what a pregnant woman should wear and what kind of clothes she should buy to take her through these nine months with comfort.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are your denims spandex rich?

Are your denims spandex rich

Tired of denims which just refuse to fit right? Do they tend to shirk after every laundry session? If you are silently affirming, then your denims contain really low quantity of spandex fibre. In the last few years, many textiles company in India have stressed upon the importance of spandex in clothes. These companies have started infusing spandex fibre with other textile raw materials to give you the perfect stretch and fit.

When it comes to spandex, Inviya spandex fibre is growing immensely popular in the garment manufacturing industry. Inviya spandex fibre is high on stretch and has commendable retentive properties apart from being sweat absorbent. It’s infusion in garments makes your clothes extremely comfprtable and help  to highlight your beautiful body contours.

Gone are the days when people stereotyped spandex exclusively with active wear. Spandex is no longer relegated to just your workout pants, camisoles, sports bras, or t-shirts. It is gaining popularity in denims and jeans too. Since denims normally tend to shrink after every wash, the presence of spandex in denim wear can actually increase the life of your garments.

Further, due to the use of spandex by many textiles company in India, a new range of denims have also been developed. Stretch denims are now extremely popular among women because of its versatility. They can be paired well with both tops and kurtis.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Best Dresses to wear for your Profession

Best Dresses to wear for your Profession - Work in Style that's what every professional wants. Enjoy the video and let us know your views.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to choose the right stretchable jeans for you

Stretchable jeans come under those trendy outfits that can never go out of fashion. It’s always important to know the basic rules to pick a perfect pair of stretchable jeans that can exhibit your legs well.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Things to keep in mind before buying shapewears

Want to look slim and fit into your favourite garments and dresses with unwanted flab on body. Then few things you should keep in mind before buying the shapewears.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Enjoy illimited freedom of movement with spandex

freedom of movement with spandex

When it comes to bottom-wear, denims and jeans are the preferred choice among many women. They offer the comfort and freedom of movement which most other bottom-wear doesn’t. Come today, and jeans are far more stretchier than they used to be at one point of time in the past. Thanks to the inclusion of spandex in denim fabric, we now have jeans which give us limitless comfort and beautifully highlight our body contours. With the coming of more advanced Indian textiles companies, there has been a revolutionary change in the use of spandex in India. Apart from our good old denims, here are some garments which have received a makeover due to the clever use of spandex.

•    Leggings

Leggings are all about comfort. Spandex is abundantly used in leggings because of its comfort and stretch properties. The presences of spandex in leggings give women the freedom of movement which is hard to get with other attire.

•    Active Wear

Thanks to spandex, workout sessions are now far more relaxing. Spandex has sweat absorbent filaments which keeps you fresh during workout sessions. Interestingly, running shoes also come with ample amount of spandex to provide you with illimited freedom while running. The highly advanced Indian textile companies are redefining the use of spandex in a bigger and better way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Types of Fashion Fibre Available for Stretchable Outfit

Stretch is a staple for fashion industry today and this is the reason knowledge of ideal fashion fibre is highly essential as an expert, people will look up to.

How to Wear Your Leggings for Day & Night

If you’re amongst this lot of women who get confused and want to know the tips of wearing leggings for day and night, then keep reading this piece of writing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tips to carry leggings for plus size women

Plus size women, note down the following tips to show your curves confidently in your dreamy pair of leggings made of Inviya spandex yarn.

Best Outfits for Your Leggings

Today, fashion is all about stay comfortable, look comfortable. And if you are up to the same streak, then a pair of leggings made of best spandex yarn must be a part of your wardrobe.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Leggings are Best for Workouts

Stretch up, stretch down, stretch left, stretch right! Be it aerobics, yoga, running, jogging or gyming.. stretching is primarily what you need to do in all your workouts. Due to its stretchable freedom fibre, leggings go well with you fitness regime!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Types of Synthetic Fibres and Their Uses

Types of Synthetic Fibres and Their Uses

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5 Step Guide to Buy your Leggings

5 step guide to buy best Leggings for yourself. As leggings can instantly beautify your look, so be careful and follow these mentioned points while selecting your leggings.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Battle of the Two Yarns: Core Spun against Filament Yarn

Battle of the Two Yarns: Core Spun against Filament Yarn from Inviya 

The textile market in India has become the ground for two equally competitive spandex yarns- core spun yarn and filament yarn. Consumer demands have become the judge of which will outlast the other. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

11 facts about 2 yarns of 1 flawless fiber

11 facts about 2 yarns of 1 flawless fiber

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Spandex, as widely known, is the modern technology’s invention and addition to comfort clothing. In India, processing of the fiber with different techniques of yarn spinning is being adopted and widely accepted. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Know why Core Spun Yarn is better than others

Core Spun Yarn is used to manufacture freedom fibre called spandex and clothes made using spandex are not only stretchable but also comfortable. That's why textile comapanies prefer to use core spun yarn over others.

Why Air Covered Yarn is so Popular

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4 Reasons Why India Needs the Magic Textile Raw Material

4 Reasons Why India Needs the Magic Textile Raw Material from Inviya 

Spandex fiber is the superhero in the textile industry with powers of its own and of the other fibers as well. It camouflages itself and has yet managed to leave a mark on its consumers. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

How is Core Spun Yarn the best textile raw material

Textile raw materials in India have been evolving for centuries. India is one of the greatest textile manufacturers in the world, owing to its tropical conditions that allow agriculture of natural fibers and vast workforce that functions to increase the efficiency of fibers with research.

Recent developments have focused on making yarn that can be used to manufacture fabric that is long lasting and durable. Core spun yarn has proven to be a versatile textile raw material.

1. The strength
Core spun yarns are made with a core of one fiber (that decides the mechanical strength) and is superimposed by other fiber, which may or may not be twisted on the core. This way, two different fibers have their properties combined in a core spun yarn and increase its tensile strength and durability.
For instance, Inviya Core Spun yarn uses spandex as a core which provides excellent elasticity.

2. Abrasion resistance
As textile raw material, core spun yarn has excellent performance against perspiration, wash and wear; making it ideal for manufacturing long lasting clothing

3. Applications:
Since core spun yarns are exceptionally strong and durable, they are used to manufacture fabric used in
•    Intimate wear: The elasticity and strength allows these yarns to be incorporated in fabric used to make intimate wear. They are lightweight, and help manufacture breathable fabric.
•    Sportswear: The fact that these yarns last long make them ideal choice to manufacture sportswear that is required to last long.
•    Fashion wear: These yarns manufacture fabric that is light weight and versatile, hence allows experimentation in the fashion industry.
•    Socks, leggings and denim wear: These yarns are used to manufacture fabric that is elastic, and hence can be used to make socks, leggings and comfortable denim wear.

Inviya core spun yarn is becoming increasing popular as a textile raw material because it has excellent performance in core spinning in various running drafts, controlled lapping behavior during spinning and can withstand high heat set temperature without affecting its properties of elasticity.
As a consumer, one should be aware of the developments in the yarn to incorporate strength and durability in the fabric that we use to make our investments count.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How is Core Spun Yarn better than Others

How is Core Spun Yarn better than Others

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

India Gets its Own Spandex- Inviya

The clothes don’t change the world. The one who wears them does. But we know, your world comes to a halt when your trendy wardrobe isn’t as comfortable. This is when you should begin to feel the need for clothing that looks good along with a comfortable fit.

In the modern age, when your appearance states you first impression, wouldn’t you want a look that appeals to you and even others? You must know your style and the fabric it comes best in. Understanding the making of a raw textile material is crucial.

Raw material is a unique substance in any production oriented textile industry. It is selected as per the manufacturing policy of the company.

What is a fiber?

It is the hair-like portions of the tissues of a plant or animal or other substances. These are very small in diameter in relation to their length. Textile raw material, the fiber, can be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by various methods including weaving, knitting, felting, and twisting.

Types of fibers

1.    Cotton
2.    Silk
3.    Jute
4.    Wool
5.    Polyester
6.    Nylon
7.    Spandex
8.    Flax
9.    Acrylic
10.    Polyethylene

Among the above fibers, spandex is a fresh substitute for a multi-purpose fiber. It is used as an ideal fiber for developing synthetic fabric of high elasticity, flexibility and a wrinkle-free clothing experience. Spandex, invented in 1958 and introduced in 1962, has revolutionized varied zones of the clothing industry.

Interestingly, SPANDEX is an anagram of the fabric’s unique feature- EXPANDS. The fiber is developed in a fabric that is stronger and more durable. When exposed to heat and ultra violet rays, rubber get badly affected, while spandex remains unaffected.

Spandex in India

Indorama Corporation is a global manufacturer of textile raw materials petrochemicals and medical / surgical gloves. Indorama Industries Ltd. (IIL), part of Indorama Corporation, Singapore, has pioneered spandex product in India, Inviya. IIL is the only spandex manufacturers in India, intending to set new standards for innovation.

Inviya is commercially produced using the dry spun continuous polymerization technology and equipment. Inviya stands for freedom of expression and movement. Their product is five times more stretchable that stands tension for constructive results. Inviya extends its application to modern day yields such as active wear, swim wear, sportswear, fashion wear, socks and leggings and intimate wear.

Applications of Spandex

Spandex is never used as 100% for any fabric manufacturing. It is used only 5% in the entire process, combined with other fabrics for quality results.
  • Denim jeans
  • Active wear and sportswear
  • Inner wear
  • Gloves
  • Fashion wear
  • Socks and leggings
  • Intimate wear

Characteristics of Spandex

1.    It can be stretched repeatedly from its original size and can also recover back immediately to its original size and shape once the tension is relaxed.
2.    It is stronger and more durable than rubber.
3.    It is lightweight, smooth and soft, and provides comfort and fit to garments.
4.    Does not get spoilt due to body odor, detergents, or after multiple washes.
5.    It offers scratch proof abilities.

Spandex is, therefore, expected to spin the raw textile industry’s manufacturing demands in India completing the changing needs and wants of customers, you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials For The Summer Months

With the foray of the sweaty summers, there are many essential summer which should become wardrobe staples. To be comfortable and fresh all through-out the day, your clothes need to be made of the right fabric and should let your skin breathe. Here are some garments and accessories which you need to buy the next time you venture out shopping.

•    Tank tops

Ofcourse, everyone knows how this quintessential summer essential can help to beat the heat. But make sure your tank-tops are made of summer friendly textile materials like cotton and spandex yarn. Spandex yarn is the freedom fibre which is sweat absorbent and exceptionally comfortable. It hugs your body contours like your second skin and lets your body breathe.

•    T-shirts

T-shirts are evergreen and timeless. There is no season in the year when t-shirts go out of fashion. Like in tank tops, the yarning textile is something you should check upon before making your purchase. Spandex is a big hit in t-shirts as well. It is the freedom fibre without which our summer t-shirt would be rendered pretty useless.

•    Short pants

The ubiquitous jeans are tough to deal with in the scorching summer heat. This summer buy a few short pants to ward off the heat. Short pants in cotton are fashionable as well as comfortable.

Monday, May 4, 2015

5 Reasons Why Leggings are Best for Your Workouts

Stretch up, stretch down, stretch left, stretch right! Be it aerobics, yoga, running, jogging or gyming stretching is primarily what you need to do in all your workouts. Due to its stretchable freedom fibre, leggings go well with your fitness regime.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn - Over the years, comfort has become integral to fashion. Due to increased consciousness, people check out on various factors such as fit, ease of movement, and sweat absorbent properties before making purchase decisions. The popularity of synthetic fibre has also lent an all new meaning to comfort.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beat the Heat with Super Stylish Spaghetti Tops

With summers fast approaching, there are many things which we need to be buy to wade through the sweaty months in style. Among the many things which your wardrobe needs to be updated with, one of the most urgent is spaghetti tops!

Choose the best fabric

Apart from showing off those amazing shoulders and enhancing the neckline, spaghetti tops and tank tops are ideal to ward off the summer heat. When it comes to choosing the right spaghetti top, it is first important to choose the fabric. Among all the popular fabrics in which spaghetti tops are manufactured, cotton and spaghetti are the most ideal for the summer months.

Go for spandex for a figure hugging look

Cotton spaghettis are ideal to be paired with free flowing skirts and palazzo pants. But if you want a figure hugging look, the ideal material to be used is spandex. Inviya filament is now widely used in clothes due to its stretchable properties and it has revolutionized spandex in India. Spaghetti tops now come blended with the Inviya filament to contour your best features, ensuring you are at your fashionable best during the summer months.

To ensure that you are not going wrong with your tank top look, make sure you follow these few rules:

•    Make sure your spaghetti top has an adjustable strap.
•    Be particular about the type of neckline.
•    Choose a top which is laden with the Inviya filament which has redefined spandex in India.

So style up your wardrobe this season with plenty of spaghetti tops !

Monday, April 20, 2015

Filament yarn manufacturer in India

So the climate has started to swelter outside, and why won’t it, it is summer already! Time to sip in some coolers, put on some shades, splatter on some SPF and brave the sun! Of course with the new season, it is essential to revamp your wardrobe too.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top Fashion Trends for Men in Spring 2015

In today’s metro-sexual world, men are as much conscious as women when it comes to fashion. Check out a few trends for men raging this season. Take a cue from them and be at your stylish best!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fashion Over The Decades

Fashion Over The Decades

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When it comes to fashion, nothing is constant. In this continuously changing industry, trends get defined and redefined, in as many ways as possible. If we look back at the previous decades, we can literally see how fast and drastically the meaning of fashion has changed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What To Look Before Buying Best Outfit for Your Workouts

Selecting your workout clothes often becomes daunting as you obviously yearn for stylish yet stretchable enough attires for your gym routine. Check out the right tips to choose best Outfit for Your Workouts

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to style your Palazzo pants this summer

With the frosty winters long gone, it is time we roll up our sleeves and revamp our wardrobe with clothes which are summer ready. There is one summer garment which you cannot go wrong with, it is the super stylish and ultra comfortable wide-legged palazzo pant.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top 6 Textile Sectors in India

Top 6 Textile Sectors in India are cotton sector, man-made fibers, jute sector, hand-loom sector, woolen sector, and finally silk sector.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Five Spring Essentials

The starting of March marks the advent of spring time. Time to bring out your summery sundresses, hot pants out of the trunk and introduce them to the warmth of the welcoming sunlight! Since the spring in here, there is a checklist of things you should definitely have in your wardrobe that have been prepared for you.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top Benefits of Spandex Fibre in Cycling

Spandex Fibre in Cycling

If you are into cycling or you are a cyclist yourself, Spandex has a lot of benefits to offer you. It is the comfort fibre for you, and your partner in success. It is, in fact, beneficial to most of the sports in general. If you are not familiar to the advantages of Spandex yet or the world of cycling is new to you, here are the top benefits of spandex that you should know.


The compression material used in Spandex is super comfy and you will feel like you are not wearing anything! The Spandex bike shorts are perfect to be taken to long rides. Be absolutely sure about the quality of the fibre you are wearing. Inviya fibre from Indorama Industries Ltd. is the best Spandex in India.


The biggest benefit of shorts and jerseys made out of this fibre is that they deliver you speed. Spandex gives you minimum drag while riding your bike. You get all the compression you want, giving you a snugly fitted sportswear. It doesn’t matter if you are riding uphill or downhill, your sports jersey is sure to stick to your skin.


Spandex gives you outstanding recovery. Experts say, spandex apparels prompt your body to recover from fitness exercises. It helps in heating up your body to prepare it for the physical activities and assist in the even distribution of blood in your body during any exercise. Just be sure of the size you choose as a size more (or less) can leave you highly uncomfortable!

Hope the above mentioned points will help all the cyclists gain an insight about the benefits of Spandex in the field of cycling and will help you choose your sportswear wisely.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Update Your Wardrobe And Look Delicately Feminine This Spring Season

With days getting warmer and the cold winter slowly bidding us goodbye, it is time to update your wardrobe. Spring can be a very confusing month in terms of fashion. If the season is too capricious for you to catch up on the fashion front, here are a few tips which could come handy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spandex in the World of Fashion

Fashion, these days have evolved into a very unique meaning in itself. It is not only what we used to perceive it as; different tastes in outfits and accessories, the colors, patterns, cuts, designs and etc.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Choosing the Right Workout Wardrobe

Choosing the right clothes for workout goes a long way in helping you keep fit. Since stretch is an important element in clothing physiology, you should always pick clothes which do not restrict your movement while you hit the treadmill.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update Your Wardrobe In This Spring Season

Winter has gone and now its spring time, its also time to change your wardrobe as well. Get rid of heavy clothes and choose light weigth cloths. For more details check this infographic

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Right Wardrobe To Get Ready For The College

Get Ready for the first day of your College by following these super easy and amazing tips which helps you to choose right dress for your important day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fashion and its Evolution

Fashion and its Evolution

One of the very few things in this world that has only grown over the period of time is fashion. It’s a non-stop process of evolution and modernization. From the history to present, fashion has only grown and evolved, giving up on a few things and taking up on others. There are multiple reasons on the basis of which fashion changes, public opinions, trends followed by celebrities and popular personalities, major events, are some to name a few. In addition to this, another reason that might as well be the biggest and most influential is convenience. Spandex in India has also revolutionized Indian fashion. Now even in our country, people are aware of the comfort that Inviya fibre can bring in their lives.

Spandex Fibre in our daily lives

In today’s age of fast paced living, it is very important to stay comfortable in your skin. Spandex fibre, the revolutionary idea that stands behind the highly stretchable textile, widely used and available in the market, is the product of such need for convenience. A textile made out of spandex fibre possesses high stretchable qualities. It’s true, spandex fibre is stretchable up to 6 times more than the textiles made of normal fibre. This quality makes Inviya fibre, one of the most desirable textile fibres in the industry. The clothes made out of them are comfortable, cozy, stretchable and yielding. Nowadays, people are involved in multiple activities other than their work. They have numerous hobbies and also the funds to follow them, and this is where Inviya fibre is the most helpful. Be it yoga classes, dance sessions, working out or going for a long run. Clothes made of spandex fibre are a life saver! 

The Evolution of Spandex

The revolution in the fashion industry will be the factor behind the advancement of the textile industry. The textile raw material in India mainly consisted of Cotton, Satin and Silk but now with a change in fashion there is a switch in the tastes of the fashion enthusiasts.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

For A Confident You! Wear Comfort Inside Out

For A Confident You! Wear Comfort Inside Out

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Be College Ready With The Right Wardrobe Essentials

For all those people who are wondering, making the right impression at college with the right clothes and accessories is something which is creating a mental uproar among teenagers who will be starting college soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why Core Spun Yarn Scores Over Others?

Core spun yarn is endowed with the properties of spandex. Spandex contains a fibre called elastene which enhances the elasticity of clothes. This lends undeniable comfort to all kinds of clothes.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Fine Blending of Style and Comfort

On a laid back Friday night you finally decide to clear clutter and arrange your disarrayed closet which you have been planning to do for weeks. With the patient expertise of a retail sales girl, you fold clothes at top speed. After an hour or two you are done and stare at your closet with a Narcissistic satisfaction, silently congratulating yourself at your feat. Come Saturday, and you decide to meet that old high school crush who is in town for some work. Confusions about the obvious thing starts darting through you head. What are you going to wear? After much ado you decide on wearing that quintessential black dress which you have treasured since college.

You remember the oodles of compliments which came pouring in when you wore it on your college farewell. That black dress has always been a force to reckon with. Finally you take it out of your closet. A few inches down your neck and lo, it refuses to go any further! Time takes its toll on your life as well as your body. The good old black dress does not fit and you feel betrayed. You are left with no option other than ransacking your closet yet again, and thus last night’s hard-work goes down the drain.Apart from the calories you have gained and the cellulite which always plays devil, you have another thing you can blame upon – the no-stretch factor of that black dress. Stretch is a simple word, but when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe it isn’t as simple as it seems.

Stretch is a vital element in clothing physiology. No wonder fashion police all over the world have been going ga-ga over fabrics made from core spun yarn which has the ease to stretch and bend. Fashion has always been about being comfortable in your own skin. Style, fashion, and comfort are but synonyms to the ultimate trendsetter. Core spun yarn, which has long been associated only with sportswear, is slowly making its foray into the glam circles. Designed for unbelievable stretch and priceless comfort, this yarn is made by twisting fibre over spandex. The elastene in spandex is widely acclaimed for its elastic properties. Thus figure hugging comfort is now at your easy disposal.

Ever wondered what is the most liberating thing about style? Which element in fashion makes you feel independent, and you feel like flinging off your inhibitions? Comfort is the answer here. How trite and banal would be a piece of cloth which gives no space for comfort. For long we have stereotyped comfort clothing only with sports-wear. Inviya, the new age fashion fibre is finally here to break the stereotypes. Its Fibre I-300 is designed to give fashion and comfort a heady mix. Forget sportswear, we now have a diverse range of fashion apparels which are manufactured from core spun yarn, high on the the properties of spandex. Casual wear, active wear, fashion wear or intimate wear, Inviya is a fibre which is blazing off a new fab-o-lution.

Infact, spandex is an anagram for ‘expands’ – just what it is all about. It can perfectly blend well with other textile raw materials like cotton and polyester. Thus it lends it properties but retains the look and feel of the original fabrics. It also has the capacity to stretch up to five times its original size. What else could have impressed the eccentric and the ever capricious glam world other than the most essential element called comfort. Air covered yarn is also becoming increasingly popular because of the stretch factor which they can lend to knitwear. The ease to stretch is thus a basic necessity in all types of fashion apparels.

New age fashion acknowledges women of all shapes and sizes. It is styled to make every woman look beautiful. Fashion is no longer limited to those with chiselled bodies. It is for every woman who wishes to look good and score high on the fashion meter. The stretch factor of Inviya instantaneously accentuates your curves, snugly fits into your body, and gives you the desired look which you can carry off with gusto.

Simple things can sometimes save your day. A safety pin on a windy day can correct your broken umbrella, and a pouch of petroleum jelly inside your clutch can save you from the dry cold winters.Similarly a simple element called stretch and a simple fibre called spandex can work wonders to your clothes. Next time you set out on a shopping spree, make sure you check out on the spandex quantity of the clothes you are buying. It is high time you make it a staple element in your wardrobe.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Express Yourself With Inviya Freedom Fibre