Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beat the Heat with Super Stylish Spaghetti Tops

With summers fast approaching, there are many things which we need to be buy to wade through the sweaty months in style. Among the many things which your wardrobe needs to be updated with, one of the most urgent is spaghetti tops!

Choose the best fabric

Apart from showing off those amazing shoulders and enhancing the neckline, spaghetti tops and tank tops are ideal to ward off the summer heat. When it comes to choosing the right spaghetti top, it is first important to choose the fabric. Among all the popular fabrics in which spaghetti tops are manufactured, cotton and spaghetti are the most ideal for the summer months.

Go for spandex for a figure hugging look

Cotton spaghettis are ideal to be paired with free flowing skirts and palazzo pants. But if you want a figure hugging look, the ideal material to be used is spandex. Inviya filament is now widely used in clothes due to its stretchable properties and it has revolutionized spandex in India. Spaghetti tops now come blended with the Inviya filament to contour your best features, ensuring you are at your fashionable best during the summer months.

To ensure that you are not going wrong with your tank top look, make sure you follow these few rules:

•    Make sure your spaghetti top has an adjustable strap.
•    Be particular about the type of neckline.
•    Choose a top which is laden with the Inviya filament which has redefined spandex in India.

So style up your wardrobe this season with plenty of spaghetti tops !

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