Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fashion and its Evolution

Fashion and its Evolution

One of the very few things in this world that has only grown over the period of time is fashion. It’s a non-stop process of evolution and modernization. From the history to present, fashion has only grown and evolved, giving up on a few things and taking up on others. There are multiple reasons on the basis of which fashion changes, public opinions, trends followed by celebrities and popular personalities, major events, are some to name a few. In addition to this, another reason that might as well be the biggest and most influential is convenience. Spandex in India has also revolutionized Indian fashion. Now even in our country, people are aware of the comfort that Inviya fibre can bring in their lives.

Spandex Fibre in our daily lives

In today’s age of fast paced living, it is very important to stay comfortable in your skin. Spandex fibre, the revolutionary idea that stands behind the highly stretchable textile, widely used and available in the market, is the product of such need for convenience. A textile made out of spandex fibre possesses high stretchable qualities. It’s true, spandex fibre is stretchable up to 6 times more than the textiles made of normal fibre. This quality makes Inviya fibre, one of the most desirable textile fibres in the industry. The clothes made out of them are comfortable, cozy, stretchable and yielding. Nowadays, people are involved in multiple activities other than their work. They have numerous hobbies and also the funds to follow them, and this is where Inviya fibre is the most helpful. Be it yoga classes, dance sessions, working out or going for a long run. Clothes made of spandex fibre are a life saver! 

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