Friday, October 23, 2015

Tips to make your wardrobe winter-ready

The season we have been waiting for all throughout the year is finally here. Winter is almost here and we are all gearing up our wardrobes to make this winter as stylish as ever. One thing we need to remember this winter is that a fulfilling wardrobe is one which oozes not just style but also comfort. To look after your winter wardrobe, there are many textiles company in India, ensuring that the cardigan and the denim you will go out wearing on New Year’s Eve is both stylish and comfortable. Thanks to Inviya Spandex Fibre, knitwear and woolen garments allow your body to breathe by providing absolute stretch. On that note, let us give you a list of the winter essentials without which your closet will be extremely dull and boring.

1.    Wrap Scarf

A wrap scarf can add a unique twist to any look you are pulling off. Moreover these scarves are also high on the coziness factor and can beautifully warm up the cold winter days.

2.    Fringed sweaters

No winter is ever stylish without a good collection of sweaters in different colours. The latest innovation of textiles company in India are fringed sweaters. Not only are elegant and classy, but also extremely comfortable. The addition of Inviya spandex fibre with other textile fibres makes them extremely stretchy, thus accentuating your features without cutting down on your comfort.
3.    Boots

A wardrobe can never be complete without good shoes. This winter, make sure you blow up the bucks on some pretty boots, preferably those in ankle length.

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