Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tips to Choose Leggings for Plus Size Girls

Stretchable leggings are something every girl loves to experiment with. Today a pair of leggings made by Inviya spandex fibre has become a staple in each girl’s closet. Moreover all the major Textiles companies in India are investing in this amazing clothing. But there are times when girls who are bit plump or have extra fat or bulges on their body avoid experimenting with this creative piece of clothing. So if you too fall under this category then don’t worry as we are giving few tips by which you can beautifully carry this wonderful creation with no qualms.

• Girls with bulges should wear leggings designed with finest Inviya spandex fibre in darker shades like black, brown, navy blue etc. Bold and dark colours will help you to look slimmer.

• If you are wearing leggings with a long kurti or dress then only go for light or bright colours. Else avoid carrying light and bright colours as they won’t look decent on short tops, dresses or kurtis.

• Leggings are too thin or skinny, so choose the fabric that is little bit thick. The thick material is a good solution to hide those extra cellulites on your body. Note that most of the renowned Textiles companies in India make leggings with good material.

• Brand should always be a matter of concern while shopping. Buy your favourite pair of leggings made of Inviya spandex fibre only from a good brand. Go for a better brand so that the material lasts long.

• It’s important to choose a perfect size in leggings to avoid hassles. Smaller sizes will stretch more on bigger bodies and, as a result, will look weird and indecent. So carry a proper size to not make any blunder.

So girls, if you opt for leggings specifically designed and made by the renowned Textiles companies in India, then chances to go wrong are really minimal. Also follow these tips before buying your Inviya spandex fibre leggings to make your own style statement.

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