Sunday, August 9, 2015

Enjoy illimited freedom of movement with spandex

freedom of movement with spandex

When it comes to bottom-wear, denims and jeans are the preferred choice among many women. They offer the comfort and freedom of movement which most other bottom-wear doesn’t. Come today, and jeans are far more stretchier than they used to be at one point of time in the past. Thanks to the inclusion of spandex in denim fabric, we now have jeans which give us limitless comfort and beautifully highlight our body contours. With the coming of more advanced Indian textiles companies, there has been a revolutionary change in the use of spandex in India. Apart from our good old denims, here are some garments which have received a makeover due to the clever use of spandex.

•    Leggings

Leggings are all about comfort. Spandex is abundantly used in leggings because of its comfort and stretch properties. The presences of spandex in leggings give women the freedom of movement which is hard to get with other attire.

•    Active Wear

Thanks to spandex, workout sessions are now far more relaxing. Spandex has sweat absorbent filaments which keeps you fresh during workout sessions. Interestingly, running shoes also come with ample amount of spandex to provide you with illimited freedom while running. The highly advanced Indian textile companies are redefining the use of spandex in a bigger and better way.

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