Thursday, September 10, 2015

Appropriate Outfit for Your Dance Moves

Outfits for Dance

If you are a dancer or a choreographer, your style and moves need a great deal of comfort to perform the best. Dancing demands thorough exercising, bending and most importantly stretching your body to large extents. Your rehearsals and performances require several aspect to be considered and one of the major ones is the costume you choose. It is highly significant to go for a costume with fabric that is ideal for you to stretch largely while you are posing and bringing high level of friction.

Indian spandex manufacturer, Inviya is one such company that manufactures textile raw material in India for stretch fiber needs. A fabric made of spandex can stretch up to 6 times its original size and has great endurance. At the same time costumes made of spandex are quite comfortable and easy to carry and this is the reason they are preferred for dancing and work outs.  Different dance forms demand different types of outfits or costumes. Let us throw light on some of them:

Belly Dancing

This is one of the most popular types of dancing genres and is loved all around the globe. At the same time this is also one of the most difficult dance forms. The ideal outfit is designed in a way that it flaunts the belly. So, this includes a long skirt with flowy waves running down and a tight blouse. Fabric made of stretch is widely used to create costumes so that it does not hinder your moves in any way.


The cheer leading squad is often great on demand when it comes to tournaments and matches. Whether it is college or a national sport performance, fashionable and extremely bold outfits of cheerleaders are in great limelight. Cheerleading is a blend of dance and aerobics. This is the reason the costumes worn by the cheerleaders demand high amount of stretch in them. Right from that mini skirt to that stylish body fit tee, they need a stretch fibre to manufacture one.


With highly formulated steps and moves, ballet is an artistic form of dance and the oldest one too. Boasting the class and elegance while taking long steps, ballet dancers are simply beautiful. The tutu dress with stretchable leggings beneath them makes it convenient and comfortable to perform on stage while portraying their story in the best way.

Dancing is all about extending your existing limits and the stretch lets you do it all.

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