Monday, May 18, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials For The Summer Months

With the foray of the sweaty summers, there are many essential summer which should become wardrobe staples. To be comfortable and fresh all through-out the day, your clothes need to be made of the right fabric and should let your skin breathe. Here are some garments and accessories which you need to buy the next time you venture out shopping.

•    Tank tops

Ofcourse, everyone knows how this quintessential summer essential can help to beat the heat. But make sure your tank-tops are made of summer friendly textile materials like cotton and spandex yarn. Spandex yarn is the freedom fibre which is sweat absorbent and exceptionally comfortable. It hugs your body contours like your second skin and lets your body breathe.

•    T-shirts

T-shirts are evergreen and timeless. There is no season in the year when t-shirts go out of fashion. Like in tank tops, the yarning textile is something you should check upon before making your purchase. Spandex is a big hit in t-shirts as well. It is the freedom fibre without which our summer t-shirt would be rendered pretty useless.

•    Short pants

The ubiquitous jeans are tough to deal with in the scorching summer heat. This summer buy a few short pants to ward off the heat. Short pants in cotton are fashionable as well as comfortable.

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