Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top Benefits of Spandex Fibre in Cycling

Spandex Fibre in Cycling

If you are into cycling or you are a cyclist yourself, Spandex has a lot of benefits to offer you. It is the comfort fibre for you, and your partner in success. It is, in fact, beneficial to most of the sports in general. If you are not familiar to the advantages of Spandex yet or the world of cycling is new to you, here are the top benefits of spandex that you should know.


The compression material used in Spandex is super comfy and you will feel like you are not wearing anything! The Spandex bike shorts are perfect to be taken to long rides. Be absolutely sure about the quality of the fibre you are wearing. Inviya fibre from Indorama Industries Ltd. is the best Spandex in India.


The biggest benefit of shorts and jerseys made out of this fibre is that they deliver you speed. Spandex gives you minimum drag while riding your bike. You get all the compression you want, giving you a snugly fitted sportswear. It doesn’t matter if you are riding uphill or downhill, your sports jersey is sure to stick to your skin.


Spandex gives you outstanding recovery. Experts say, spandex apparels prompt your body to recover from fitness exercises. It helps in heating up your body to prepare it for the physical activities and assist in the even distribution of blood in your body during any exercise. Just be sure of the size you choose as a size more (or less) can leave you highly uncomfortable!

Hope the above mentioned points will help all the cyclists gain an insight about the benefits of Spandex in the field of cycling and will help you choose your sportswear wisely.

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