Friday, July 3, 2015

How is Core Spun Yarn the best textile raw material

Textile raw materials in India have been evolving for centuries. India is one of the greatest textile manufacturers in the world, owing to its tropical conditions that allow agriculture of natural fibers and vast workforce that functions to increase the efficiency of fibers with research.

Recent developments have focused on making yarn that can be used to manufacture fabric that is long lasting and durable. Core spun yarn has proven to be a versatile textile raw material.

1. The strength
Core spun yarns are made with a core of one fiber (that decides the mechanical strength) and is superimposed by other fiber, which may or may not be twisted on the core. This way, two different fibers have their properties combined in a core spun yarn and increase its tensile strength and durability.
For instance, Inviya Core Spun yarn uses spandex as a core which provides excellent elasticity.

2. Abrasion resistance
As textile raw material, core spun yarn has excellent performance against perspiration, wash and wear; making it ideal for manufacturing long lasting clothing

3. Applications:
Since core spun yarns are exceptionally strong and durable, they are used to manufacture fabric used in
•    Intimate wear: The elasticity and strength allows these yarns to be incorporated in fabric used to make intimate wear. They are lightweight, and help manufacture breathable fabric.
•    Sportswear: The fact that these yarns last long make them ideal choice to manufacture sportswear that is required to last long.
•    Fashion wear: These yarns manufacture fabric that is light weight and versatile, hence allows experimentation in the fashion industry.
•    Socks, leggings and denim wear: These yarns are used to manufacture fabric that is elastic, and hence can be used to make socks, leggings and comfortable denim wear.

Inviya core spun yarn is becoming increasing popular as a textile raw material because it has excellent performance in core spinning in various running drafts, controlled lapping behavior during spinning and can withstand high heat set temperature without affecting its properties of elasticity.
As a consumer, one should be aware of the developments in the yarn to incorporate strength and durability in the fabric that we use to make our investments count.

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