Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fashion Goes Fiber Deep

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” How true were her words!

Inviya® is a soft, stretchable, and lightweight fiber with exceptional elastane material that gives any normal fabric a perfect fit and stretch without compromising on the comfort element. It is a unique fashion fiber that retains its power well during fabric processing like heat-set, dyeing, finishing etc., making it perfect for multiple uses.

Fashion is to say who you are without having to speak. You cannot hope to come across as confident and poised if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing. Contrary to the popular belief, clothing that is not comfortable is NOT good on you. You need the ultimate fashion fiber…snug, light, comfortable and downright gorgeous. Inviya® strives to give you just that.

Inviya® believes that when you're dressed up fashionably and wearing an outfit that you are comfortable in, you will express yourself in a more confident way. Indorama® keeps this sentiment in mind when designing fashion fibers like Inviya® that the users feel comfortable in. An outfit shouldn’t own you.

Fashion has been through countless changes; it continuously evolves. Inviya® evolves with it. It embodies the glamour of a chic fiber with the cozy comfort of elastane material that is bound to make head turns wherever you go. Inviya® has multiple applications in fashion. That figure-hugging dress you own that wows the entire nightclub is most likely to have Inviya® in it; so are your homely night pyjamas.

Fashion has become a beautiful amalgamation of beauty and comfort. Gone are the days when girls would endure excessive discomfort because it looks ‘pretty’. The new fashion fiber in town ensures that no one has to feel discomfited; Inviya® offers perfect fit, stretch and quality.

People are no longer fashion slaves, but they’re definitely fashion fans. They see many beautifully fashionable things and design inspiration in the world, so they care about the fashion trends, but they’re not idolatrous. As a result, they always choose the things which keep them comfortable and look fantastic on them.

For Inviya®, it’s rewarding when customers find the right outfit, coming off as effortlessly confident, happy and positive. This era of fashion is very magical. Everything is glitzy and the modern women are dressing up more; it’s really feminine. It just feels like there is a sense of romance with clothes. So next time, you go shopping remember to try Inviya®… When fashion becomes flexible.

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