Friday, August 19, 2016

The Secret Ingredient To The Perfect Jeans

Is there anything such as the perfect jeans? Remember you walked out of the house wearing your trusty tough skinny jeans on a sunny day and regretted it because your legs felt suffocated? Then there was the time when your light airy jeans tore at the slightest pull at the seams because of little weight gain. Is the perfect breathable, fitted, rugged and comfortable jeans a myth? Not really… Not if the jeans you purchased is made of denim fabric constructed out of high quality polyester stretch yarn.

The thing about high quality denim fabric constructed out of Polyester Stretch Yarn is that it combines the best of all features you would expect in any wearable. To begin with, it is light as a feather but strong enough to sustain challenging wear and tear. Then, if woven properly, like in high end brands like Inviya by Indorama, the fabric has moisture wicking (pulling) properties, making the fabric breathable even in the most hot and humid weather conditions. Finally, it is an intelligent fabric that moves with your body, making it feel like a second skin.

That is why jeans made out of high end denim fabric constructed out of Polyester Stretch Yarn are the solution to all your jeans problems. They not only look great but also feel great and last umpteen wears and washes. An all round performer!

Selecting jeans made to suit lifestyle is not such a difficult thing after all. Now you can wear smart with style!

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