Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How Are Your Favourite Leggings Made?

Just the right amount of matt or shine…tailored for your legs and your legs only…velvety smooth like a rose petal…and most importantly, packing enough stretch to move around with ease-- all of these qualities and more make a pair of leggings, your favourite leggings. Leggings or jeggings or both. Have you ever wondered how your favourite leggings or jeggings are made? We’ll tell you how. Take some Bare Spandex yarn, some natural or synthetic yarn and a special machine that knits the two together. Bam! Your favourite legwear is ready.

Both jeggings and leggings are manufactured through a special knitting process called circular knitting. A circular knitting machine may look a bit complicated but the task it carries out is very simply defined. Several long needles work together to take bare spandex yarn and natural or synthetic hard yarn and interloop them again and again to create a smooth fabric in tubular form (for seamless leggings).

The fabric manufactured is inherently smooth and has stretch capabilities of its own, but the use of Bare Spandex yarn takes the stretch capabilities of the fabric to an increased level. The hard yarn used lends the leggings structure.

Some leggings are made using a flat knit technique. These types of leggings will have seams since they are cut out from a flat knit fabric and then sewn on a different machine.

Ergo, leggings or jeggings made using the circular knit technique will always be preferred over the ones made using a flat knit technique unless you are a fan if seams.

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