Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Importance Of Covered Spandex Yarn In The Garment Manufacturing Industry

Covered Spandex Yarn is not a commonly heard term for many, but for those who are involved in the manufacturing of yarn or garments, it is a resource to swear by. Why?

There are majorly two types of garments in the market-- fast moving high fashion garments or evergreen and less dynamic functional garments. Fashion garments are stylish dresses, shorts, trousers and spunky socks, to name a few. These go in and out of style very fast. Functional garments on the other hand tend to stay in the market for long with very few modifications like regular intimate wear, sports wear and more. Then somewhere there is a niche category for both fashionable and functional garments that pack the good qualities of both. The significant bit in this is that all of these three categories, in the current era are heavily dependent on covered spandex yarn.

How do you think your stretchable jeans gets its stretch as well as structure?

How do you think your bodycon dress fits like a second skin but still manages to give you breathing space?

How do you think your pantyhose manages to give you the perfect texture as well as freedom to move around like you have nothing on?

How do you think your intimate wear supports your body and retains its stretch?

All of this comes from the presence of good quality covered spandex yarn, like that brought to you by Inviya by Indorama, in your garments.

Can you imagine your life without this ingenious creation now?

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