Monday, February 6, 2017

Denim Saree Got Us Thinking “How Will I Move In This Stiff Fabric?”

Imagine if you had to walk out of the house wearing a denim saree like Sonam Kapoor did just last week. She made the headlines with that quirky albeit bold fashion statement, but if one considers the attire from a comfort point of view, the appeal of it may drop more than just a tad. A saree in itself has a snug fit leaving very little room for freedom of movement, wearing a denim saree could might as well be a restless person’s worst nightmare.

What is the solution to this predicament?

Stretch denims to your rescue!

Stretch denims have the one thing that regular denims don’t. A key ingredient-- covered spandex yarn

Whether it is cotton or synthetic, stretch denims ustilise a blend of spandex and a hard yarn to create a fabric that maintains its structure but moves with the body as much as you would want it to. You can thank manufacturers like Indorama Industries for creating covered spandex yarn that is the core component of most of your stretch denims. It is also used in the creation of active wear, intimate wear and performance wear among other garments and accessories.

So, now imagine wearing a saree that is made with denims constructed from high quality covered spandex yarn. While they may not be considered the attributes of a lady, running, stretching or jumping a fence in a saree, in our culture, who cares? It’s a denim saree that stretches and lets you hustle it out. Feel free in a denim saree! 

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