Wednesday, May 11, 2016


As summer approaches, there are a lot for changes which your wardrobe requires. You need to put away those heavy jackets and t-shirts and retrieve from the forgotten corners all your summery tops. The leather boots should be stored safely for the next season and all those slippers and sandals you had kept away should be brought out for action. Even though you do not require special training to learn how you should store your clothes, here are a few basic things that you must know in order to keep the longevity of your clothes and accessories intact. Follow these basic tips in order to keep your wardrobe fresh and organized throughout all the seasons.

l  Hang or fold clothes depending on the material

Opinions often conflict when deciding how you should wear clothes - whether you should fold them or hang them in your wardrobe. Although loyalists of both the methods strictly advice against opting for the other, the wisest thing to do is to check on the quality of the fabric and hang or fold them accordingly. Silk garments tend to crease when folded hence such materials should rather be hanged in the closet. On the other hand, woolen garments will droop when hanged and they should rather be folded and stored. Other materials like spandex are relatively easier to store because they are high on the versatility quotient. Since the last few years’ filament yarns manufacturers in India have been doing great business because of the popularity of .

l  Look out for the presence of spandex in clothes

Spandex is a highly durable fibre and the presence of it in clothes can help to increase their longevity. Filament yarn in India is now widely used in various garments such as sweaters, socks, and also in everyday wear. Filament yarn manufacturers in India argue that even cotton clothes should have a small percentage of spandex in it to ensure that they don’t get damaged with time.

l  Don’t use moth balls

In order to ensure that our clothes remain fresh and mold-free, we often use moth balls. But the components which are used in making moth balls have time and again been looked upon with a jaundiced eye. It is best to not use these balls since they contain harmful chemicals. The easiest alternative to moth balls are lavender and lemon feels which you can use for keeping clothes fresh throughout the year.              

l  Don’t forget to clean your clothes

The most effective mantra to keep your clothes protected is to ensure that you wash them before you finally store them away. Even if you store your clothes in the best ways possible, it would be pretty useless if you do not wash or dry clean them before doing so. You should also check the pockets of your clothes to ensure that you did not leave anything in them. 

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