Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Indorama Fashion From Spun Yarn

Indorama Corporation started with the establishment of Core Spun Yarn manufacturing plant in 1976 in Indonesia by Mr. Sri Prakash Lohia. Spun yarn is made by twisting staple fibres together to make a cohesive thread.

Cotton and polyester are the most commonly Spun fibers in the world. Cotton is grown throughout the world, while Polyester gets extracted from polymers derived from natural gas and oil. A yarn spinning process, by which a filament of INVIYA is covered with a sheath of staple fibers to produce a stretchable yarn. Core Spun Yarn has the following properties:

- INVIYA Denier, - No of Filaments, - Luster,- Denier, - Tenacity (g/D), - Elongation (%),
- Modulus 300%.

Spun yarns can contain either a single type of fibre, or can contain a blend of various types. Combining synthetic fibres with natural fibres is very common. Both Synthetic and Natural have their own qualities, Synthetic can have high strength, lustre, and fire retardant qualities, while Natural Fibre have good water absorbency and skin comforting qualities.

Indorama Corporation being a multinational organization with products of Core Spun yarn being shipped to over 90 countries across the globe. Currently India's direct consumption of 19 percent from core spun yarns which is imported from outside India. Indorama Industries is the first Indian investment in spandex filament production using dry-spun CP technology with equipment from Italy, PR China and Japan, with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year to be set up in three phases

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